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Visiting Australia for a Gastronomic Adventure 

There is more to Australia than its rich, aboriginal history. It is common knowledge that Australia was once bush country, and that there are quite a few areas in the Land Down Under that is still underdeveloped. However, that just adds to its natural appeal. The rugged landscape and oftentimes harsh environments are part of what makes Australia a gem of a place to visit.

Australia has something for people from different walks of life. There are tons to learn about culture and history, and it’s admirable how they have gone to great lengths to preserve and respect the indigenous culture of various Australian aboriginal tribes. There is even a movement to include aboriginal food into mainstream and even fine dining cuisine. Australians feel that this is an important way to pay respects and acknowledge their roots. So don’t be surprised if you see emu, wallaby, saltbush, finger limes and other indigenous ingredients on your plate.

Besides culture, history and natural wonders such as uluru and the great barrier reef, Australia has one of the most vibrant food scenes in the Pacific region. It is home to Michelin-star restaurants and food truck parks in different cities. As another melting pot of cultures, Australia offers a diverse buffet of options. They have Malaysian/Indonesian food, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and so on. Of course, the fining dining benchmarks of French and Italian cuisine will always be present. Stroll along hotels and hip streets and you’ll find these dining establishments offering the best tasting meals made from the finest produce.

Markets and Street Food Adventures

opera-houseStreet food and markets are also emerging scenes in Australia. Different cities have their own versions, mostly during night time and during weekends. They do draw out the crowds. There are various food stalls that offer quick, affordable, and filling meals. They are widely supported by people who would rather eat something hot and fresh than go to a drive-thru and get fast food. TV dinners are not big in Australia since people would rather go out and walk for a taste of real food that hits the spot.

Of course, when there’s food, there is also great entertainment. Solo artists, bands, and all sorts of musicians can be seen in these markets or tents. They keep the diners and shoppers entertained for the afternoon or evening. You’ll find quite the eclectic mix too: the dancers, the rockers, pop singers, acoustic guitar players, bossa nova and so on! It all goes to show how much Australians love to enjoy themselves. After a hard day’s work, they go out for some food, a couple of beers and listen to good music.

Speaking of music, enthusiasts can get musical instruments as souvenir items too. Check out guitar shops Adelaide for a wide range of acoustic or electric guitars and matching accessories.

For music lovers, it’s also worth looking at the schedules at the Sydney Opera house for a truly memorable experience. The Opera House is one of the most photographed landmarks of Australia and is something that tourists should come see when they come in for a vacation.




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