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Top 5 Most Crowded Concerts Ever

AP840424016The Bruno Mars concert schedule for this year features concerts all over the world in the Philippines, Thailand, New Zealand, China, and other countries. Katy Perry is on tour, too, and for us history junkies this abundance of concerts everywhere naturally arises to the question of which concerts were the most attended ever in history. These are the answers:

5. Steve Wozniak’s 1983 US Festival (1983)

Attendees: 670,000 people

This was perhaps one of the most extravagant concerts ever in history. The Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak craved for a platform that will fuse music and technology, and the normal response of a millionaire is to pay for the construction of a huge open-air field and a temporary stage at San Bernardino, California. The enormous crowd flocked to witness the epic performances of Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, Triumph, and Van Halen. Fun fact, Van Halen was paid $1.5 million upfront.

4. Garth Brooks in Central Park (1997)

Attendees: 750,000 people

Garth Brooks was a huge country music star and his 1997 concert in New York gathered thousands of “cowboys” to sing with him as he belted out “Friends in Low Places” and “The Dance”.

3. New York Philharmonic in Central Park (1986)

Attendees: 800,000 people

This symphony orchestra formed in 1842 is one of the most popular in the world. The concert in New York was for the rededication of the Statue of Liberty. It held its 14,000th concert in December 2004. That’s how old the orchestra is.

2. Jean Michel Jarre,Oxygen, Moscow (1997)

Attendees: 3,500,000 people

This French musician performed for the 850th anniversary of Moscow in 1997. He is a pioneer of New Age genre featuring electronic and ambient elements in his music. His other biggest concerts were the 1995 concert for UNESCO’s 50th birthday and the 1990 celebration of the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution. This attendance equaled that of Rod Stewart’s in 1994. Which brings us to…

1. Rod Stewart at Copacabana Beach (1994)

Attendees: 3,500,000 people

The British rock star Rod Stewart was the first in the world ever to gather 3.5 million people to hear him sing his hit singles “Forever Young” and “My Heart Can’t Tell You No”.

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