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Political Unrest in Thailand: A History that Repeats Over and Over

The political situation in Thailand is all over the news since last year. The clamor to oust the current Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is too strong. Demonstrations have been carried out all over the country’s capital for several months already. Even in the Southern part of Thailand, people also shout the same. Will they be successful in removing Yingluck from office?

thailandHistory can attest just how powerful the voice of the people is in Thailand. In fact, mass protests have led to coup attempts for several times throughout the entire history. The latest one was the removal of Yingluck’s brother, Thaksin, who reigned in Thailand for a very long time. After protests to oust him for human rights violation and corruption, he fled to another country and sought for political asylum. After many years of being out from the office, Thaksin is still in power through his sister who is currently in position. This is with the strong backing from the Northern part of Thailand. With Thaksin’s populist policies, he was able to garner the support of the majority.

The Future of Thailand

Recently, Yingluck decided to dissolve the parliament and called for an election. As expected, she will win the election. Thus, the protesters tried to nullify the said results and create a separate People’s Council which is unelected. The opposition led by Suthep Thaugsuban won’t settle for negotiations. He vowed to continue the campaign until the Shinawatras are out of power. Will they succeed?

Looking at how things are right now, the future is bleak for the opposition. The power of the majority is too strong that they even threatened to go to Bangkok and launch a counter-protest in support of Yingluck. However, Yingluck is also endangered of being barred from holding a public office if accusations of corruption will be proven true. This is the only hope for the opposition. Otherwise, they have to accept the reality that the country’s majority is still in favor of Yingluck.

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