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Living in the 90s

The internet was born at an unknown year since it was developed for many decades. The research started during the 1960s and by mid 1980s the internet we know today came to be. The effect of internet and the World Wide Web cannot be measured by any tool. Its impact encompasses distance, time, race, and almost everything else. If someone from the future, probably 20 years from now, would visit the year 1990 they would not have understood what happened and how people lived.

A Look Back at the 90s

90sToday, the 90s kids are very much proud of the things that they have experienced without technology. They are very fortunate to experience the simple and old lifestyle and also the perks of emerging technology. They did not have to live in total darkness since they already had electricity but they still had personal relationships with family and friends since e-mails and cellular phones were rare.

During the period 1990-1995, people would still flock to their neighbour’s house to watch television. The most commonly watched were Power Rangers, The Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marvel and DC superheroes and the original Transformers. Comic books were also famous then, they were not collectibles but they were widely bought since children love to read them. During constant black-outs, parents or older children share stories with the younger ones in order to entertain them. If you remembered someone’s birthday, you have to remember them a month before since you need to send a card beforehand. Parents were also quite strict with their children going out at night. It is not a common sight for teenagers to be seen outside their homes when the streetlights light. Watching a concert would mean that you have to actually enjoy it and not hold smartphones or tablets up and taking videos of the concert itself. When ordering imagine dragons tour tickets you must do it face to face with a cashier or over the telephone and not over the internet.

This period is where people still enjoyed little technology but did not depend their lives on it. When there was a television in the living room, children or adults did not watch it 24/7, instead they also devote their time to reading books, playing outside and chatting with neighbours. How do I know all these? I’m also a 90s kid.

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