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Experiencing Modern Architecture and Music: a Double Treat

contemporary_art_wallpaperModern architecture has found its niche in many newly developed cities these days. Observably, modern and state of the art structures are found in emerging cities such as those in the Middle East and southeastern part of Asia. Note that the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building and most modern building in the world is located in Dubai. Also, Singapore has its famous and mind-blowing Marina Sands that sports a superstructure design. There are many more wonderful architecture pieces such as those in Malaysia and China, all of which bear the latest trends in building designs.

Appreciating modern designs

Many of us have been so used to traditional architecture. Although modern buildings look great to the eyes, a number of people still feel intimidated with these types of structures. They usually find the designs and concepts to be somewhat incompatible to certain engineering functions. One can overcome this setback by trying to expand his horizon through wide reading and travel. It also helps if one maintains an open mind about the evolving trends in the arts and architectonics. After all, this is the age of innovation, transformation and reinvention.

Merging the old and new

Although most modern buildings are situated in newly developed cities, older cities still manage to have room for new designs. San Francisco for instance, is known for its historic edifices and yet now some new structures have found their way in its landscape. If you look at the city from a high place, you will note how the old and new have merged and blended beautifully together.

Modern architecture in musical shows

Modern architecture concepts are often employed in musical shows. If you are fond of watching concerts such as that of Florida Georgia line concert Florida, you will note that in many of these performances, the set and stage are a mix-match of different architectural designs. In some of the shows, they even make use of a whole stylish staircase that winds from bottom to top where the artists do their numbers. Such spectacle is a double treat to music and art lovers because they get to witness and experience the best of both fields.

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