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4 Tips in Organizing an Art Exhibit

Artistic Art Drawing Artist Draw Drew SketchOrganizing art exhibits is a good way to showcase your skills and that of other artists. It is also a way to entice other people to also appreciate arts. The only problem is that organizing art exhibits take time. You also have to advertise hard in order to have people coming over. Here are some essential tips you might want to take note of if you want to have a successful art exhibit.

  1. Put your best foot forward. Whether you are displaying your artworks or that of your fellow artists, you have to make sure that only the best goes up. This is true especially if you have never done an art exhibit before. This is like a debut. You need to make sure that people have a positive first impression of you. It helps if you critic your own work and also do peer criticisms. By then, you can select the best works to be put up in the exhibit.
  2. Find the right place. It also helps if you have the best place to do the show. It must be in an area where people can easily access. If this exhibit is for free, you can partner with shopping malls or existing art galleries. By then, people can just walk in and out and appreciate what you have done. If this is for raising funds, you have to rent a place where it can be exclusive. A hotel ballroom would be nice. Those who have tickets to see your work can come in. This will make others be more interested to also see what you have to offer. You should also see to it that the place is in great condition. If you are renting an empty space and you have to do everything from scratch, it could be a challenge. Make sure that the plumbing works well too. You can check out Plumber Para Hills for help.
  3. Arrange the artworks well. You need to have a theme in mind when arranging these works of arts. It helps if they are properly arranged so that people can appreciate every single piece. You must create a unique experience for them. Of course, you have to highlight the best pieces. You must also have some gimmicks so that you can entice those who came to also buy what you have made.
  4. Always say thank you. Once the art exhibit is over, you can send a thank you notes to those who have attended. You can send them via post mail or email. You must also have a small souvenir to give out once the guests have decided to leave. This will make them feel appreciated. This will also convince them that you are such a good artist and a good person too. The next time you are organizing a similar activity, they will definitely come and join.

You have to establish a good relationship with them since your life as an artist depends on how much people support your work.

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Visiting Australia for a Gastronomic Adventure 

There is more to Australia than its rich, aboriginal history. It is common knowledge that Australia was once bush country, and that there are quite a few areas in the Land Down Under that is still underdeveloped. However, that just adds to its natural appeal. The rugged landscape and oftentimes harsh environments are part of what makes Australia a gem of a place to visit.

Australia has something for people from different walks of life. There are tons to learn about culture and history, and it’s admirable how they have gone to great lengths to preserve and respect the indigenous culture of various Australian aboriginal tribes. There is even a movement to include aboriginal food into mainstream and even fine dining cuisine. Australians feel that this is an important way to pay respects and acknowledge their roots. So don’t be surprised if you see emu, wallaby, saltbush, finger limes and other indigenous ingredients on your plate.

Besides culture, history and natural wonders such as uluru and the great barrier reef, Australia has one of the most vibrant food scenes in the Pacific region. It is home to Michelin-star restaurants and food truck parks in different cities. As another melting pot of cultures, Australia offers a diverse buffet of options. They have Malaysian/Indonesian food, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and so on. Of course, the fining dining benchmarks of French and Italian cuisine will always be present. Stroll along hotels and hip streets and you’ll find these dining establishments offering the best tasting meals made from the finest produce.

Markets and Street Food Adventures

opera-houseStreet food and markets are also emerging scenes in Australia. Different cities have their own versions, mostly during night time and during weekends. They do draw out the crowds. There are various food stalls that offer quick, affordable, and filling meals. They are widely supported by people who would rather eat something hot and fresh than go to a drive-thru and get fast food. TV dinners are not big in Australia since people would rather go out and walk for a taste of real food that hits the spot.

Of course, when there’s food, there is also great entertainment. Solo artists, bands, and all sorts of musicians can be seen in these markets or tents. They keep the diners and shoppers entertained for the afternoon or evening. You’ll find quite the eclectic mix too: the dancers, the rockers, pop singers, acoustic guitar players, bossa nova and so on! It all goes to show how much Australians love to enjoy themselves. After a hard day’s work, they go out for some food, a couple of beers and listen to good music.

Speaking of music, enthusiasts can get musical instruments as souvenir items too. Check out guitar shops Adelaide for a wide range of acoustic or electric guitars and matching accessories.

For music lovers, it’s also worth looking at the schedules at the Sydney Opera house for a truly memorable experience. The Opera House is one of the most photographed landmarks of Australia and is something that tourists should come see when they come in for a vacation.




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Cold and Hard Facts about the History of Ice Cream

Ice cream is a world famous dessert loved by both kids and the kids at heart. It is interesting to know who invented it or where it really came from. However, trying to trace its history could be a bit of a challenge, since  different nations claim to have discovered this flavorful frozen dessert.

Back in 54-68 AD, iced desserts were considered a luxury. During those times, the dessert is made of snow that was fetched into the mountains by slaves. This was mixed with fruit pulp, nectar and honey, but this  needs further verification to be considered a fact. Clearer evidence  about ice cream was noted into China’s Tang period, and again, ice cream was only for the royalty. The dish made use of heated and fermented milk and lug ice. It was in 1744 when there was a first account of ice cream written. A Scottish colonist described the dessert he ate at the home of a governor.

1843 was a landmark year for ice cream since the pot freezer and artificial freezer method were introduced to make it. In 1850, Jacob Fussell of Baltimore opened up the first ever commercial ice cream plant in Pennsylvania. Ice cream sundae was later claimed to be invented in 1880 by three different states. In 1903, a patent for ice cream cone was applied by Italo Marchiony  and in World War II, the dessert became so popular that it became somewhat an American symbol, it was even used to boost soldiers’ morale, and the US Armed Forces became the largest manufacturer.

Ice cream’s popularity is phenomenal since it is enjoyed all over the world. Different nations have their own specialties depending on what is abundant in their place.  Much advancement were also made to the top dessert that it has become a progressive industry providing jobs to millions. Individuals who like to start a small business even take advantage of ice cream’s popularity by making their own ice cream. Ice cream making equipments are readily available in the market to make it possible to make it at home. Ice cream maker for commercial purpose is easy to use. It will allow you to develop your own ice cream flavor that will be loved by people.

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Three Famous Dogs By American Modern Artists

livinginthespotlight1Dogs are so well-loved that they have made it to paintings, sculpture, photography, film and other forms of modern art. And no creature is more deserving of the honor than dogs. Canines are the most loyal specie in the animal kingdom. That’s why artists from all over the world honor them through art work. Here are some of the famous works of art that depict the well-loved dog.

1. Blue Dog by George Rodrigue (March 13, 1944 – December 14, 2013)

The Blue Dog series made Rodrigue famous. They were modeled after the artist’s dead dog Tiffany and based on the Cajun legend loup-garou. The Blue Dog was used by Absolut Vodka in 1992, making the painter an Absolut Vodka artist. According to Rodrigue, people say the dog talks to them in different ways.

Dogs make very good pets. They’re fun when playful and their devotion is soothing during troubled times. If you have a pooch, or are planning to get one, learn all about dog safety, dog feeding and grooming at where you’ll find practical tips to raise a dog.

2. Boy and Girl Gazing at the Moon by Norman Rockwell (February 3, 1894 – November 8, 1978)

This painting is also referred to as “Puppy Love.” For more than forty years, Rockwell did cover illustrations for The Saturday Evening Post. Boy and Girl Gazing at the Moon appeared on its April 24, 1926 cover. The original is an oil painting on canvas owned by a private collector.

The boy in his infatuation seems to have forgotten his dog, judging by its forlorn look. Or the sadness could be a symptom of illness. Dogs can get allergies, too, such as from certain foods or pollen from the flower the girl is holding. To take good care of your dog, give it the best dog foods for allergies and keep it away from environmental allergens.

3. Portrait of Maurice by Andy Warhol (1928 – 1987)

Maurice was the dachshund of Gabrielle Keiller, ace golfer, socialite and art collector. In 1976, she commissioned Warhol to make this painting, working from Polaroids of the dog. Portrait of Maurice is the first of Warhol’s paintings to enter then Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, when Keiller bequeathed her art collection to this gallery upon her death.

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Three Easy Ideas For Sustainable Outdoor Design

A fluctuating economy and a heightened awareness of the need to save our planet have prompted houseowners to make practical and enjoyable use of their outdoor spaces with designs that are environment friendly and low maintenance. This is confirmed in a 2013 survey of Americans by the American Society of Landscape Architects which showed that 93 to 94.4 percent of houseowners preferred garden/landscaped areas and low maintenance landscapes in their residences.

Use eco-friendly outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lights at night can be decorative and functional. They illuminate your front and backyard to prevent accidents and discourage robbers.

LED and solar lights are not harmful to the environment. They don’t use up a lot of electricity, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. LED lights are low wattage, have a longer life span and brighter lighting. Solar lights are powered by the sun at daytime to give light at night.

There are stylish designs for porch and patio lights, and landscape lighting fixtures.

Shift to a low maintenance lawn.

A low maintenance lawn does not need the help of insecticides to keep it weed- and insect-free. Here’s how to do it:

Keep your soil healthy by maintaining a pH of 6.5 – 7.0, which is the ideal for a slightly acidic soil.

Choose turf grass best suited to your locality. It will be easier to tend. Ask a gardener which type of grass is best for your area.

Water deeply but don’t overdo it. An inch of water once a week keeps the grass healthy. First, water half an inch and wait an hour before watering the second half. Do it early the morning to reduce evaporation.

Mow regularly but don’t keep it too short. Keep your lawn mower in good condition. Change worn blades and tires as needed. Dixie chopper tires can be purchased online or in physical stores.

Grow a kitchen garden.

A kitchen garden promotes a sustainable and organic way of living as well as adds beauty to the exterior of the house. It gives you a fresh supply of fruits, herbs and vegetables at no cost and the plants

Choose an area that gets sunshine, has good drainage and a great view from inside the house and outdoors.

Opt for raised beds to plant your herbs and vegetables in. Raised beds shield the plants from gophers and other animals, allow you to choose fertile soil, improve drainage, and protect your back from too much bending.

Choose plants that get along well side by side and plants that keep off insects and pests. Do your research or ask the local garden store about it.

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