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Cold and Hard Facts about the History of Ice Cream

Ice cream is a world famous dessert loved by both kids and the kids at heart. It is interesting to know who invented it or where it really came from. However, trying to trace its history could be a bit of a challenge, since  different nations claim to have discovered this flavorful frozen dessert.

Back in 54-68 AD, iced desserts were considered a luxury. During those times, the dessert is made of snow that was fetched into the mountains by slaves. This was mixed with fruit pulp, nectar and honey, but this  needs further verification to be considered a fact. Clearer evidence  about ice cream was noted into China’s Tang period, and again, ice cream was only for the royalty. The dish made use of heated and fermented milk and lug ice. It was in 1744 when there was a first account of ice cream written. A Scottish colonist described the dessert he ate at the home of a governor.

1843 was a landmark year for ice cream since the pot freezer and artificial freezer method were introduced to make it. In 1850, Jacob Fussell of Baltimore opened up the first ever commercial ice cream plant in Pennsylvania. Ice cream sundae was later claimed to be invented in 1880 by three different states. In 1903, a patent for ice cream cone was applied by Italo Marchiony  and in World War II, the dessert became so popular that it became somewhat an American symbol, it was even used to boost soldiers’ morale, and the US Armed Forces became the largest manufacturer.

Ice cream’s popularity is phenomenal since it is enjoyed all over the world. Different nations have their own specialties depending on what is abundant in their place.  Much advancement were also made to the top dessert that it has become a progressive industry providing jobs to millions. Individuals who like to start a small business even take advantage of ice cream’s popularity by making their own ice cream. Ice cream making equipments are readily available in the market to make it possible to make it at home. Ice cream maker for commercial purpose is easy to use. It will allow you to develop your own ice cream flavor that will be loved by people.

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Political Unrest in Thailand: A History that Repeats Over and Over

The political situation in Thailand is all over the news since last year. The clamor to oust the current Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is too strong. Demonstrations have been carried out all over the country’s capital for several months already. Even in the Southern part of Thailand, people also shout the same. Will they be successful in removing Yingluck from office?

thailandHistory can attest just how powerful the voice of the people is in Thailand. In fact, mass protests have led to coup attempts for several times throughout the entire history. The latest one was the removal of Yingluck’s brother, Thaksin, who reigned in Thailand for a very long time. After protests to oust him for human rights violation and corruption, he fled to another country and sought for political asylum. After many years of being out from the office, Thaksin is still in power through his sister who is currently in position. This is with the strong backing from the Northern part of Thailand. With Thaksin’s populist policies, he was able to garner the support of the majority.

The Future of Thailand

Recently, Yingluck decided to dissolve the parliament and called for an election. As expected, she will win the election. Thus, the protesters tried to nullify the said results and create a separate People’s Council which is unelected. The opposition led by Suthep Thaugsuban won’t settle for negotiations. He vowed to continue the campaign until the Shinawatras are out of power. Will they succeed?

Looking at how things are right now, the future is bleak for the opposition. The power of the majority is too strong that they even threatened to go to Bangkok and launch a counter-protest in support of Yingluck. However, Yingluck is also endangered of being barred from holding a public office if accusations of corruption will be proven true. This is the only hope for the opposition. Otherwise, they have to accept the reality that the country’s majority is still in favor of Yingluck.

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Living in the 90s

The internet was born at an unknown year since it was developed for many decades. The research started during the 1960s and by mid 1980s the internet we know today came to be. The effect of internet and the World Wide Web cannot be measured by any tool. Its impact encompasses distance, time, race, and almost everything else. If someone from the future, probably 20 years from now, would visit the year 1990 they would not have understood what happened and how people lived.

A Look Back at the 90s

90sToday, the 90s kids are very much proud of the things that they have experienced without technology. They are very fortunate to experience the simple and old lifestyle and also the perks of emerging technology. They did not have to live in total darkness since they already had electricity but they still had personal relationships with family and friends since e-mails and cellular phones were rare.

During the period 1990-1995, people would still flock to their neighbour’s house to watch television. The most commonly watched were Power Rangers, The Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marvel and DC superheroes and the original Transformers. Comic books were also famous then, they were not collectibles but they were widely bought since children love to read them. During constant black-outs, parents or older children share stories with the younger ones in order to entertain them. If you remembered someone’s birthday, you have to remember them a month before since you need to send a card beforehand. Parents were also quite strict with their children going out at night. It is not a common sight for teenagers to be seen outside their homes when the streetlights light. Watching a concert would mean that you have to actually enjoy it and not hold smartphones or tablets up and taking videos of the concert itself. When ordering imagine dragons tour tickets you must do it face to face with a cashier or over the telephone and not over the internet.

This period is where people still enjoyed little technology but did not depend their lives on it. When there was a television in the living room, children or adults did not watch it 24/7, instead they also devote their time to reading books, playing outside and chatting with neighbours. How do I know all these? I’m also a 90s kid.

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Using Recycled Materials for Home Building

The trend towards green homes isn’t likely to go away anytime soon. In fact, sustainable construction is fast gaining ground now that the negative effects of global warming and climate change are being felt by the masses. Powerful storms, intense heat waves, earthquakes and natural disasters have been occurring with alarming frequency. Scientists have been at the forefront of creating eco-friendly construction materials from recycled matter to counter the toxic effects of synthetic and non-biodegradable elements and to save the trees from being cut to make lumber for construction.

Recycled building materials that are biodegradable are the products of choice. They make use of things that would otherwise be thrown away, they save on energy consumption and when the need to dispose of them comes, they decompose in a short time, doing away with tons of garbage at landfills.


You use less energy. Energy efficiency is the biggest motivator for using green housing supplies. From insulation to lighting and coverings of building facades, you can get tremendous savings on your monthly electric bill.

You have zero or less toxicity. Unlike synthetic resin made from petrochemicals, biodegradable products made from recycled material do not release harmful chemicals in the breaking down process. They can be buried into the earth and you are assured that they decompose easily and get absorbed in the soil without causing toxicity.

You help in environment conservation. Using recycled and green construction products greatly reduces carbon emission from greenhouse gases. You decrease the carbon footprint of your residence and help stave off climate change.

You reduce the garbage in landfills. By burying biodegradable materials, you don’t add to the tons of waste in the landfill and you are helping the local community in the management of solid waste.

Recycled and Biodegradable Housing Materials

  • Lumber substitute

Scientists have created a wood replacement made of biodegradable composite of resins that are strengthened by natural fibers from plants. This artificial wood looks like the real thing and can be used in flooring, furniture, walls and other construction components. They are durable and can withstand nails, drilling and hammering.

MDFs (medium density fiberboard) that use plant starches instead of the unsafe urea and formaldehyde are now available.

  • Insulation material

Housing insulation reduces the need for air conditioners in the summer and heaters in winter. Do away with the old foam, fiberglass and mineral wool insulating panels. Foam damages the ozone layer of the earth while fiberglass and mineral are hazardous to human health.

Recycled insulation has no greenhouse gas emissions and has a long life. There are acoustic panels made from recycled cotton fibers, cellulose as insulating filler for the parts of the house where you need high performance, insulating panels made from recycled denim, old newspapers, sheep’s wool or cork.

  • Biodegradable paint

Biodegradable or natural paints do not contain toxic petrochemicals and are biodegradable, so disposition is not a problem. The ingredients come from the earth – clay, chalk, marble and mineral pigments – and are not produced synthetically. There are no harmful fumes and odors that conventional latex paints produce and natural paint is breathable, making it kinder to the building material.

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